Saturday, November 27, 2004

I want to talk about the influence Sgt. Pepper's had on music. First look at the affect it had on other artist at the time. Directly related are Their Santanic Majesties Reqest by the Stones, Child is the Father to the Man by original Blood Sweat and Tears, and Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. Even add into the mix We're only in it for the money by Frank Zappa the Mothers of Invention. Even the covers are strickingly similar. The great leap was probably the Stones album. From the raw R&B of previous albums they jumped to Harmonies, String arrangements and even use of the dreaded Synthizes. Was it a contest to see who could out do who?

No I think it was the first proof of Alien abductions and time travel. How else can you explain how far Jimi Hendrix was ahead of other guitar players at the time.

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