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Taken from Dick Sutphen's column on Hypnosis and the Placebo affect.

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Hypnosis focuses the power of the mind and often generates what appear
to be miraculous healings. Combining this fact with the kind of
awareness found in the following story about a placebo effect,
substantiates the effectiveness of hypnosis. As with the placebo,
hypnosis convinces your mind that you already have what you desire, so
your mind works overtime to align your outer reality with your inner

The following excerpt is from the book, "The Biology of Belief:
Unleashing the power of consciousness, matter, and miracles" - by Bruce
Lipton, Ph.D. It was sent to me by my friend and co-writer, Carol
Morgan Ph.D., a Professor at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio.

"A Baylor School of Medicine study, published in 2002 in the New
England Journal of Medicine evaluated surgery patients with severe,
debilitating knee pain. The lead author of the study, Dr. Bruce
Moseley, 'knew' that knee surgery helped his patients. 'All good
surgeons know there is no placebo effect in surgery.' But Moseley was
trying to figure out which part of the surgery was giving his patients
relief. The patients in the study were divided into three groups.
Moseley shaved the damaged cartilage in the knee of one group. For
another group, he flushed out the knee joint, removing the material
thought to be causing the inflammatory effect. Both of these constitute
standard treatment for arthritic knees. The third group got "fake"
surgery. The patient was sedated, Moseley made three standard incisions
then talked and acted just as if he would have during a real surgery -
he even splashed salt water to simulate the sound of the knee-washing
procedure. After 40 minutes, Moseley sewed up the incisions as if he
had done the surgery. All three groups were prescribed the same
postoperative care, which included an exercise program.

"The results were shocking. Yes, the groups who received surgery, as
expected, improved. But the placebo group improved just as much as the
other two groups! Despite the fact that there are 650,000 surgeries
yearly for arthritic knees, at the cost of about $5,000 each, the
results were clear to Moseley: 'My skill as a surgeon had no benefit to
these patients. The entire benefit of surgery for osetoarthritis of the
knee was the placebo effect.' Television news graphically illustrated
the stunning results. Footage showed members of the placebo group
walking and playing basketball, in short doing things they reported
they could not do before their 'surgery.' The placebo patients didn't
find out for two years that they had gotten fake surgery. One member of
the placebo group, Tim Perez, who had to walk with a cane before the
surgery is now able to play basketball with his grandchildren. He
summed up the theme of this book when he told the Discovery Health
Channel: 'In this world anything is possible when you put your mind to
it. I know that your mind can work miracles.'" (End of excerpt)

I have a client who travels the world and is often on radio and TV
shows. I work with her over the phone once a week. We begin each
session by discussing her needs for the next seven days. I then
hypnotize her over the phone and provide at least 30 minutes of
powerful suggestions and guided visualizations. It is critically
important to her career that she remain healthy and vibrant during the
cold and flu season. This can be a challenge when constantly flying and
meeting new people.

So my first suggestions begin with, "Your immune system is operating at
peak efficiency, allowing you to always maintain perfect health. You
are healthy and focused upon accomplishing what you desire, and these
suggestions are communicated to every level of your body and mind, and
they are accepted on every level of your body and mind. We ask it, we
beseech it, we mark it and so it is." I phrase the suggestions
different ways and the visualizations are always constructed as if the
goal were already accomplished. Following the health suggestions, I
usually move on to her latest career goals. Whenever possible, I attach
an emotional desire to a practical goal, which is like adding jet fuel
to the suggestion mix.

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