Saturday, November 10, 2007


I enjoyed creating and using a new journal. Over the years, I have had many journals. It had been quite a while since I used one and it was refreshing to do it again. I used a blank journal that was given to me as a gift several Christmas's ago. It is beautiful hard cover book with a black ribbon to mark my place. It also has two covers so you can write from either side. One side shows a tiger striped cat looking out through an arch over the countryside below all the way to the horizon. The sky is filled with beautiful clouds. This cover is entitled Day Dreams. The flip side shows a similar arch with a young girl looking out. Instead of the daytime countryside scene, there is a mysterious night garden. The garden has a fountain with plants and animals that seem to reflect the night sky that is full of stars. A shooting star crosses the sky. This cover is entitled Night Dreams. I started using the Night Dreams side. I found that I usual write in the evening after I get home from work. It sits on the desk next to my computer. I make my entries before I check my personal email as the computer boots up.
I found it to be a great way to unwind after my commute and reflect on the day. Usually I am commenting on issues at work. Other times I am describing the events that I am looking forward to or enjoyed. I haven't noticed any relationship between the Weather and my moods yet. Also, I seem to making small talk at this point with the journal. As it becomes more automatic to write in the journal, I expect more insights and wisdom. Sometimes, I start to write something and realized I said the same thing yesterday. I have started reviewing the journal for trends. When you see it in your own writings, it is hard to deny that you are stuck in a rut. So I really haven't let that issue go like I thought or I was telling myself. Time to Meditate on that.

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