Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quantum Meditation Project

From the Quantum Masters - The Quantum Meditation Project -

Enjoy previews of all 7 songs from the Quantum Meditation Project by Wizardnow in the Music Video. Featuring Digital Animations capturing each mood and in just under 8 minutes.

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Entanglement - 8:39 (CD version only) - Consciously connected without limits of perceptual time and space.

Max Planck's Field – 8:55 Conscious synaptic s creating perceptional reality.

Timeless Travel – 7:18 Across time and space, beyond the body, through stillness of spirit with cool rain and gentle breezes. “You are now free to move about the Universe.”

Be All Now - 5:55 Possibilities of positive dance energy with one and all. Always find your partner in the mirror.

Realization of Resonance - 5:40 About an internal electron clock that seems to keep a beat but doesn't care to tell you what time it is. The sweeping hands just wave back at you.

Quantum Masters - 6:52 They are at it again. With guitars hung low, long dark robes, and pointy hats, you can feel the magick rock.

Schroedinger's Cat - 9:09 Here kitty, kitty. Are you hiding in the box or some other plane of existence? Is that purring I hear or Brahman Snoring?

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